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Abroad golfs camps

Foreign camps serve primarily as a quality start before the start of the season in the Czech Republic. We strive to select the best golf destinations so that we can give players the best golf experience. In the photo you can see a hole from the golf resort in Belek, Turkey. The course has two 18-hole and one 9-hole courses and was already in March in excellent quality.

View from the tee

The camp program depends on the age and number of players, but usually starts in the morning, when the players have a morning warm-up and then a rich breakfast to gain strength for the whole day. Then the golfers move to the golf course, where they are usually training. After the training, there is lunch, which is in the form of a buffet, so everyone comes to their J. After lunch, they go to the field and the coach gradually accompanies all the players and advises them. At the end of the day, there is a free program with a joint dinner, where the plan for tomorrow is discussed.

Other foreign camps will take place during March 2021. For more information, contact us

View from the tee