The parent of the future

We believe that the role of parents has a big impact on the future of the young player, even if your son or daughter may have other coaches. After all, these are the parents where the child is looking for unconditional support. You are their closest role models.

For some parents it is easy to see their own child in the tournament, for some it is a huge challenge. Do you ever wonder if your child will be the next Annika or Tiger? Our answer is NO.

No one can be someone else. We all come into this game as unique human beings with our own combination of skills and intelligence. The question is how can you encourage your child to develop their exceptional abilities and become the golfer they want to be.

First of all, please realize that these are human beings who play golf, they are not golfers who happened to become human beings!

Want to learn more about how to work better with your own player in his own golf world and become the parent of the future?

Be sure to contact us and we will advise you on, for example, how to communicate effectively with your own player during the tournament and discuss many other important aspects with you.